Coconut Roast Chicken Legs

By Trent Blodgett

Coconut Roast Chicken Legs

Coconut Roast Chicken Legs


This recipe is little effort and incredibly delicious. You can also dredge the chicken in flour and deep fry it instead of roast for a Thai inspired fried chicken! The fish sauce honey is not needed for this recipe to be delicious but I highly recommend it.



4- 6 chicken legs

4 Tbsp garlic, minced

4 Tbsp ginger, minced

1 Tbsp fish sauce

2 cans coconut milk (the thick creamy kind!)

1–2 Tbsp Long-tail Sunset Thai Blend


Fish Sauce Honey (optional)

¼ cup honey

2 tsp fish sauce

1 tsp Long-tail Sunset

Lime and cilantro for garnish


1. Mix all of the marinade ingredients together and season generously with salt. Brine/ marinate chicken overnight or 2 hours minimum.

2. Preheat oven to 350f. Remove chicken from marinade and let excess drip off before baking for about 1 hour or until tender and caramelized

3. While the chicken is cooking mix together all of the ingredients for fish sauce honey in a sauce pan over gentle heat. Remove from heat when it begins to simmer and thicken, 1–2 minutes.

4. When the chicken is finished cooking, toss the with the fish honey or drizzle on top.

5. Serve with lime and cilantro

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