California Love - Roasted chile, Garlic, Cumin

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California Love is an all-purpose chile blend, delicious on anything you would use chile powder on. Inspired by the flavors of my childhood, California Love is dedicated to my Dad, whose passion in the kitchen set me on my path of spreading love through food. Try this recipe!

We always grind in small batches from the freshest spices imaginable. 

Enhance the flavor of this bold spice by adding a pinch of salt or create a delicious rub by mixing equal parts salt, sugar, and spice. 

Here are just a few ideas!

- Steak or ground beef for tacos

- Roast chicken over onions and potatoes

- Chilli con Carne

- Grilled corn with lime

- Use it as you would any chile powder, taco seasoning or Cajun seasoning (only salt- free!)

- Carnitas or braised beef

- Try adding it to your favorite tomato sauce recipe

- Breakfast hash

Ingredients: California chile, Cumin, Coriander, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Bay leaf


The consistent practice of cooking real food plays a vital role in the well being of ourselves, our communities and the Earth. At Spice Tribe, we strive to give you the highest quality sustainable Ingredients, flavors that celebrate vibrant cultures, and the recipes to live your best life.