Our Story

Inspired by a fascination with cultures and culinary traditions around the world, Spice Tribe aims to restore a sense of connection and community through the primal act of making food for our families and friends.  Each of our blends has a unique story, evoking the spirit of a people and place -  a world community that we’re excited to share with you.


Growing up, my father was the cook of the family. When my mother was pregnant with me, they had a running joke: If this kid doesn’t like food, we’re sending him back!”  Lucky for everyone, that wasn’t the case.  Some of my favorite childhood memories center around the time my dad, and I spent in the kitchen together.  His obsession with the flavors of New Mexico and a penchant for the cuisine of New Orleans expressed itself in an absurd amount of spicy food on our nightly dinner table. 
In college, I began dabbling in graphic painting and sculpture, and there I discovered a love for utilizing colors, shapes, and textures to describe our collective human experience.  I transferred to the Academy of Art and was soon out of my league in a world where my peers far exceeded me in aptitude and skill. Working around the clock to keep up, I ate fast food and whatever I could make from a can or boxed mix.  Before long I was unfocused, anxious and depressed - my body and mind at complete odds with each other.
To provide some stress relief and escape my failings, I turned to the kitchen for comfort and began to experiment with new combinations of fresh vegetables, meats, and spices.  As I shared my creations with housemates and friends, I realized that cooking beautiful meals for the people I cared about was art, in and of itself.  
For the first time, I understood that unmistakable gleam in my father’s eyes.
From there, I started working in San Francisco kitchens, learning from chefs at the top of their games and traveling as often as I could. In addition to the flavors and smells of the marketplaces in the villages I visited, I became enchanted with the customs and people and brought home as many memories as I could in the form of spices, their stories and the people who shared them.  That leads us to today, where through our blends, we celebrate culture, people, and delicious food.
The Monkey, our totem,” symbolizes balance. Balanced blends, balanced meals, and a balanced lifestyle are what we are all about. Let’s gather, connect, and share ideas, stories, and smiles. We aim to help you feel confident in the kitchen, eliminate unhealthy food habits and have fun in the process.  Together, we’ll spark a new story and form a renewed sense of nourishing tradition, using flavors inspired by our neighbors around the world.
As a member of Spice Tribe, an adventure awaits you, and we want to hear about it!  Please join our tribe” email list.  Awaiting you will be recipes, videos, notices of special places to find us and taste our blends and create new friends.