What We Do

"The decline of everyday home cooking not only damages the health of OUR BODIES and OUR LAND but also OUR FAMILIES, OUR COMMUNITIES and OUR SENSE OF HOW OUR EATING CONNECTS US TO THE WORLD."

-Michael Pollan


We strive to source our spices from small farms and collectives (around the world) that use sustainable, organic* and non-GMO farming practices. We work with folks that are on the ground in these communities - they share our vision of obtaining high-quality herbs and spices at prices that directly benefit the growers and their families. Helping these farmers continue to thrive makes us feel great about what we offer.

*most of our farmers are not “Certified Organic” but the use of pesticides is NOT part of their farming practices.*


Our single origin spices are sourced from one grower or collective in a small region. Like fresh produce from the farmers’ market, offerings will vary from season to season and year to year. These spices reflect their specific terroir. Not only do we know where they were grown and harvested, we guarantee they have the best flavor profile you can get. Usually packaged as whole spices; we recommend grinding right before using to maintain freshness.


At Spice Tribe, we follow the mantra: “Food is our medicine and cooking is our meditation.” Using quality ingredients not only results in a tastier meal but is key to a healthy and balanced diet. Our fresh spices are the perfect way to bring incredible flavor to your food while also ingesting healthy compounds that fight inflammation. Inflammatory conditions in our bodies are thought to be the root cause of many health concerns, both physical and mental.

Inspired by a fascination with the flavors and culinary traditions of distant lands, Spice Tribe aims to restore a connection with ourselves and others through the primal act of making food. Preparing a nourishing meal, sharing with our family and friends - it’s what unites, it’s what we are all about! Each of our blends tells a unique story about the world community we are all part of.

Welcome to the Tribe.



Cooking makes us human. Cooking with quality ingredients makes us healthy. Cooking for others makes us happy.


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